Who’s Brechtdc?

Brechtdc is mad about journalism. He fell in love with magazines since he bought his first issue of Transworld Skateboarding when he was eleven years old and had a room full with posters of Tony Hawk. Later, when he went to university, he found De Morgen on the kitchen table of the house he shared with other students. After a few years he dreamed of working for that beautifull newspaper, which he could do after a few years working at other magazines and newspapers. Now he’s the Chef News and Chef Weekend of De Morgen, which means he makes the newspaper a few days every week, and he’s supervising the supplements Zeno and De Morgen Magazine. Well, if he’s not reading other newspapers or magazines, that is.

That’s for work, cause now and then he has some free time, and then he likes to walk through cities or villages, and searches for nice adresses, to eat, to drink and to shop. He loves music and books, but also nice, freshly made food, and a well made coffee, especially cappucino’s and flat whites. The other things he likes to do are travelling and running. Not marathons, only just a few kilometers. But you never know where you end once you get started.

It’s about all those passions he loves to write. Now let’s hope you love to read the same.


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